Our client derive value from us in crossing the chasm by leveraging our consulting and advisory services in an affordable manner. Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds and most of them have been an entrepreneur themselves to know what it takes to grow the business from Idea to MVP, and from MVP to a value driven offering. Our typical clients include early stage startups and the businesses which are stagnant at a certain level of growth. If you are a business in a very early stage of growth, or a funded startup looking for next stage of growth we are your partner in the growth journey.

Our clients seek our Strategy & Management Consulting services for leapfrogging to the next stage of growth in their businesses. We are happy to advise you in ideating, identifying, validating and chalking out a GoToMarket strategy from the diverse thoughts and options your team has been contemplating. Our advise helps our clients like you in staying focused on the most pragmatic steps for meeting your strategic goals.

Our of 10 most successful businesses across the world 8 are platform businesses. It is because the platforms business model provides rapid and wider reach, creates more value, has exponential inorganic growth. Building a platform business is a science and and art which goes much beyond the product’s technical playbook. We assist linear pipeline product businesses in transforming themselves into a successful platform of choice.

Connect with us to know how you can transform your current business into a successful platform to leverage hyper-growth. Our Platform Advisory service helps product companies in building the right ‘business architecture’ for becoming a successful multi-sided platform business. We deliver not just the business playbook and a deck of documents, templates and dashboards; we deliver the ideal approach and assist in finding the right partners for designing the ecosystem which eventually translates into a self-propelling network effect of value creation for all the stakeholders.

Digital is the essential building block for any business especially in the post Covid-19 era. ‘Digital Transformation’ was one of the most overused and misinterpreted term of the last few years; yet the tall claims of several ‘Digital Transformation’ professionals have fallen flat when the Covid-19 stuck. We therefore do not want to misuse this often misinterpreted and overused or hyped term- we simply want to claim that our Digital practice has all right constituents to make your enterprise truly digital.

While we deliver Strategic advisory or Platform advisory our clients often ask us to help in establishing the team who can translate the recommendations in the most suitable digital landscape with the right mindset. Our Digital Innovation practice includes the right mix of Digital ecosystem – digital marketing, digital implementation, testing and validation, managed services and strategic staffing needs. We also assist our clients in expansion and diversification by setting up the operations in a new region (often discreetly) allowing them to stay ahead of their competition.